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Lost Coin
Photo by : George W. Reither III
The panicky feeling started as soon as I opened my eyes. When had I last seen my wallet? Pawing through my gigantic purse, I hoped that the black wallet was hidden under some of the stuff I can’t live without: makeup case, reading light, calendar, swatch of carpet, swatch of bedspread, book, measuring tape. But it wasn’t there.

Still clad in my pajamas, I put on a coat and traipsed out to my car hoping that it was there. I looked under the seat, beside the seat and under the seat again without luck. A call to Walgreens Pharmacy didn’t help—the last place I’d been the day before. I spoke with the morning manager and he said no wallet had been turned in. I asked him to look again and he came back and told me again that it wasn’t there. I continued praying in earnest.

Check One More Time

After a quick shower, I dressed hurriedly and applied a dab of makeup. Armed with my birth certificate and my passport, I was prepared to go to the bank and the DMV and start the process of restoring my credit and license. On the way, I decided to give Walgreens another try and kept on praying. In person and close to tears, I asked the manager to check one more time. He checked one more place and returned with my lost wallet.

I cried in earnest at this point and thanked him over and over. On the way out of the store, I ended up telling three or four people how thankful I was that some honest person had turned in my wallet.

Jesus told a story about a lost coin. The woman in the story had 10 coins and had lost one—an amount worth a day’s wages. She searched and searched and swept and swept and soon found it. Her happiness overflowing, she had to share this experience with all her friends.

In this case, it’s not about the money. Jesus was making a point comparing a lost coin with repentance. I don’t know exactly how that woman felt when she lost her coin, but I do know the devastation I experienced upon the loss of my wallet and the joy when I found it. “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (Luke 15:10).

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