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Me Blessed?
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I don’t mean blessed (one syllable) in terms of “fortunate.” I know I’m fortunate. The majority of us living our middle-class existence are blessed. I’ve visited third-world countries, overcrowded city slums and poor rural areas in the United States and I recognize the ways in which I am blessed.

What I never believed was that anyone would call me “bless-ed,” (two syllables). The word that means “worthy of worship” or “revered.” The first time I heard Proverbs 31:28, I prayed that I’d be that kind of mother. “Her children arise up and call her blessed.” After I became a mother, the enormity of that job and the lack of skills on my part made me believe that I was going to fall short in that category. And after my divorce, the rest of the verse, “her husband also, and he praiseth her,” was a lost cause.

My mothering skills never put me in the June Cleaver or Mother Teresa type. I was insecure, impatient and my personality bordered on 100% melancholy. How could someone like that be “bless-ed”?

Sure, I was a good mother. Well, I was a constant mother. I believed in being hands on and the kids and I did stuff together all the time—whether they wanted to or not. Fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom, I drove them crazy showing up at all their games, plays, band and choir concerts and parent-teacher conferences. I also offered to be the driver whenever their school needed kids transported. They had to sit with me at church and I preferred they bring their friends to our house. They couldn’t get away.

So what a surprise I had for my 60th birthday when my kids—son, daughter, their spouses and three grandsons— gave me a CD that contained a song written for me and sung by them. That’s when I was reminded that God makes up the difference when we ask Him. And I asked Him often.

Here’s a verse from “Blessed Are You.”

She became my mother, insecure and a little afraid
But her Father never left her, strengthening and guiding her way
Now we all can tell her story, we are her crowning glory.
And we honor her today.

Blessed are you, oh my mother and my friend
Here in this moment, we your children rise again
Singing blessed are you, for love so strong and true
We’re forever grateful, Blessed are you.

If you’re wondering, I’m still asking for Him to make up the difference as I try to be a blessing as a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Those jobs are the most important and I don’t want to blow it now.

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