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Mother's Day Tears
Photo: Tory Byrne
Mother’s Day is a difficult day to celebrate for my best friend. The church sponsors a Mother’s Day breakfast, there are announcements, and people think of ways to treat and honor their mothers in the best way possible. For my friend, however, it is a day filled with memories of when she once could do all of these special events with her mother.

She is the type of person who doesn't want others to see her cry and she will sit in her car, in the freezing cold, just to keep her grief to herself. But this year she did not have time to run. I found her in the back of the church sobbing as everyone else celebrated. I sat down and let my tears blend with hers. I knew it was not a good moment to try and make her feel better through words. Instead we wept together.

Some of the Tears were for My Mother

I am adopted and don’t even know if my birth mother is alive, so some of my tears were for my mother. Both of us felt a special connection. We began sharing about what it may have been like to see our mothers as friends. Our tears turned into smiles and even little giggles as we both began to picture how much fun it would have been to see us with our mothers on Mother’s Day.

Emotional memories, even if they are sad, become some of our best memories because, when shared, they turn into friendship glue. Embracing somebody else's pain is a special gift. I will never forget how beautiful my friend's Mother’s Day tears were because they allowed me to share in her special memories and strengthened our friendship bond.

"Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble" (Proverbs 17:17).

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