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Small Enough
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Most people find themselves disgusted with their behavior at times. Times of self-pity or maybe protecting one’s pride in some way. Often, the behavior is followed by a stinging realization of smallness, resulting in self-scolding, telling oneself that she should have been bigger than that. Or that he should have been big enough to let something slide. Or big enough to forget his own opinion.

Thinking about it more carefully, however, I’m realizing that not being “big” enough is not really the problem. In fact, the “big” part is the problem! Think about it. John said that in order to grow as a Christian, he needed to become small. “He [Jesus] must increase,” he said, “but I must decrease” (John 3:30). But even as big as Jesus is and even as he must “increase,” he still illustrated to us how to be small by his own example. He was small enough to ask his Father in heaven to forgive his persecutors rather than swelling with indignation and shouting, “Who do you think you’re dealing with here? God’ll get you for this!” Small enough to wash the feet of people he himself had created. Small enough to ever be pointing to the Father.

Striving to be Small

Wow! It looks like what we need to be striving for is to be small! Small enough to overlook being overlooked. Small enough to abandon our own pride. Small enough that people won’t see us, but see Jesus instead. It also occurs to me now that when some people ask why God isn’t big enough to keep bad things from happening or why God isn’t big enough to work something out, that maybe the real question is why aren’t people small enough to let God be big? 

It also occurs to me that I should have been small enough to see this all along!

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