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My Secretary
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Working as a substitute teacher is a job I really enjoy. I like the variety of classroom settings and the change of students from class to class. And at the end of the day, I go home without taking papers with me to grade or lesson plans to prepare. The down side of the job, however, is being on call every day, not knowing how many days of the week I’ll actually work, or if I might not even work at all that week. For people who work simply as a hobby, this kind of uncertainty might be OK. But for those of us who actually need the money, it can be a bit unsettling.

That’s why I made God my personal secretary. This was a brainwave I had in the midst of a period of anxiety over whether I was going to be called in enough or not. I decided I couldn’t keep worrying about each day that way. So now God is in charge of scheduling my dates. God decides how much I need to work, when I need to work, and then notifies the person who calls me to work. I must say this arrangement is working out really well. On days when I don’t get called and I start to worry about it, invariably it’s a day that I end up needing to do something else. God knows that ahead of time. I don’t. I even had a dry spell of a couple of weeks, but as it turned out, that was a time that ended up being very demanding of my time in other areas.

Omnipotent Secretary

Yes, it’s pretty handy having an omniscient, omnipotent Secretary. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a busy or uncertain schedule. Having God as a secretary also works well for appointment-making. Divine appointments, that is. Divine appointments are those special meetings when God puts someone in your path who needs your witness or someone who may be sent to help you.

Come to think of it, God is also good at filing reports (even though some of them may not be that enjoyable for him), arranging conferences, projecting future gains, and creating a prophet! And God works for free! 

If your work is stressing you out, maybe you should do what I did. Let the Boss be your Secretary!

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