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My New Career
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Playgroups have become my new stage in life. It is encouraging to create a community consumed by conversations including children's' eating and sleeping habits. In fact it is better therapy for getting over the shock of motherhood than anything else I have experienced. It is a relief to know that there are other people awake several times in the night and that most toddlers love one food for a week and then decide they hate it. I am even realizing that it is not impossible to take care of two kids fourteen months apart.

Kids on a Great Schedule

With all of this in mind, why is it so difficult to turn off the idea that I am supposed to be out working like the rest of the world? Every day I feel like I play tug of war with myself. I love being home and having a fairly relaxed way of life. The kids are on a great schedule and everyone is content. If I were working, the house would probably not be anywhere close to the order I would like it to be and there would not be as much time to create a calm atmosphere for my children. A part of me knows that this is exactly what I am called to do for such a time as this.

When I think about how God must be viewing my frustrating confusion, I realize that there is something I may be forgetting. Having children is a career in itself. Nobody would consider taking a job and then expecting to never show up. As parents we are hired by God to take care of our children. This is an eighteen year (full time) career per child. Even after the eighteen years, part-time work is still required. One day I may find myself in another career as well, but for now I am content to cherish this time.

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