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Road to Riches
Photo: Eli Ratner 
In the past several weeks, I have been inundated by a barrage of email scams. Perhaps you have been baited by them, as well. Worse than the Publisher’s Clearinghouse come-on’s that used to cram my mailbox, these email schemes drop into my Inbox faster than I can delete them.

In broken English, would be “respectable correspondents” from abroad announce my winnings in lotteries I’ve never played. Or, they claim to be the recipients of million dollar inheritances, but alas, they need my help to claim their fortunes. And, for my assistance, I will, of course, be paid handsomely! Of necessity, I must furnish them with many items of my personal information within 24 hours, or I will be disqualified.

Unfortunately, many people will probably fall for a similar hoax and become the unknowing victims of identity theft, or some other ploy. Ultimately, these scammers are banking on human weakness, and the sin of greed—that selfish and grasping desire for wealth or possessions that lurks within the human heart.

Win Lottery

Despite much evidence to the contrary, many people still believe their lives will become considerably better should they win the lottery or nab a windfall at the local casino. So, they continually mark time waiting for their “ship to come in.”

There is no doubt that poverty puts one at a disadvantage. Sub-standard housing, schools, health care, food, and crime-ridden neighborhoods make a poor person assessable and defenseless.

But the wealthy too are vulnerable in their own way. For, riches are a burden difficult to manage wisely and hard to hold onto. The affluent often become victims of specific crimes due to their fortunes. For example, home invasion robberies and kidnappings of their children for exorbitant ransoms. In fact, the wealthy themselves are sometimes senselessly murdered for their money and or possessions.

Perhaps that’s why the book of Proverbs (perhaps the greatest collection of wisdom ever written) offers this enlightened prayer. “Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread” (Proverbs 30:8).

To desire only what one needs and be satisfied with that, demonstrates wisdom and maturity and ultimately brings contentment that no amount of wealth can ever provide.

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