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Mothers of Israel
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I clearly remember a time when I was confiding in an older female friend about the responsibilities and difficulties of parenting and also of teaching children in church. I was rather overwhelmed and asked her, “Why do I worry about all of these things?” She coolly answered, “Because you’re a mother of Israel, that’s why.”

Wow, a mother of Israel. That sounded pretty heavy. But I liked it! I mean, think about it, ladies. What better club could we possibly seek membership in than the Mothers of Israel? This takes in every part of our lives as women. If we have children of our own, it is our calling to train them uprightly and to teach them to honor God and to know and love Jesus. If we do not have children, it is our calling to be mentors to children around us, showing them an example of godliness and of joy and confidence in being a part of God’s people. If we are married, we are called to support our husbands in their own spiritual walk as well as to allow ourselves to be supported by them. If we are single, we are called to shine as a light among those who need our aide in work or family or church. If we are elderly, we are called to share the wisdom of years in the service of God and to pass on the torch to other women of God. Even as little girls, we are in training for the high calling of being the Mothers of Israel. 

Seeking the Presence of Jesus

Yes, to be a mother of Israel is a high calling. But “to her who is given much, much is required.” Does that mean we have to be perfect women in order to hold a place in the feminine presence of the people of God? I hope not. Otherwise, I’d have to be cast out. But I do believe it means that we have a responsibility to constantly seek godliness by surrounding ourselves with godly influences and especially seeking the presence of Jesus in our daily lives so that we can most effectively nurture the cause of God.

But life gets hard! Even for the Mothers of Israel. Maybe even especially for the Mothers of Israel. And that means it is critical to have the support and friendship of other members. Not just other women either. Women of God are not only strengthened by other women, but by godly men, children, mentors, and even Nature. Most of all, though, the strength of the Mothers of Israel comes from the nurturing of the Holy Spirit. No matter what our specific post is, girls, our effectiveness for God is fueled by the God of Israel Himself. 

Onward and forward, Mothers of Israel!

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