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Winter Observations
Photo: Donice M. Palmer
I took a walk in the snowy woods this evening at dusk. I observed the tracks that deer, rabbits, opossum, and dogs had made. I even noted the small impression left by a hopping bird. The deer paths were straight, the rabbit's tracks were often semicircular, while the opossum and dogs left messy tracks that weaved. Regardless of our status or chosen route, we all leave impressions. I pondered what kind of tracks I leave in the lives I walk through.

I passed a small creek fed by a spring. It was running slowly. Leaves had caught on a stick. With a brush of my boot, the obstruction was removed and the creek began happily gurgling along again. There were rocks that nearly impeded the small creek, but they were the reason for its relaxing, joyful noise. I thought about how little things pile up in my life and begin to obstruct it, and how God often uses a loved one or dear friend to come brush the debris out of my way. I also realized that God may not remove the rocks from my life, so that He may redirect my course and give me a new voice.

The slippery climb up the hill from the creek gave me cause to sit down. I paused to let the hills buffer me from the biting wind, but a chill overcame me and bade me to continue. We like to rest, but must journey on.

Had I Lost My Way?

I know these woods, but as I began to thread my way back home in the gathering darkness I felt unsure. Had I lost my way? I looked for reference points to find the path. How true this is of my life. The trail seems so clear when all is bright and right, but when the dark days come it is easy to stumble and lose my way. 

With numb feet and lightness of heart, I happily reached my bright, warm, inviting home. O Lord, I can not wait to come home!

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye" (Psalms 32:8).

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