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In God's Hands?
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Quit your job and see how long it takes you to find affordable health insurance. I never gave it a thought when I walked away from my job in December. How hard could it be? I also had a safety net with COBRA – although it was so expensive I hadn’t seriously considered purchasing it.

During January, I made some queries, but didn’t really get serious because I still had another month until my COBRA opportunity would run out. By the middle of February, I was frantic and had already been turned down by several companies for a variety of reasons. About the only thing available to me was a low-cost option that offered a $2,500 deductible. If I chose this option, I wouldn’t go broke paying the cost of the policy and wouldn’t lose everything if something catastrophic happened. But, I still wasn’t sure.

I felt a little like Job when two friends offered their opinions. Friend No. 1 had no health insurance. She and her husband were very health conscious and felt that their lifestyle and their faith in God would get them through any healthcare crisis. When I questioned her more extensively, she admitted that they had large financial reserves that could pay for most anything that could happen to them – but, of course, they felt that that wouldn’t happen.

Friend No. 2, a full-time church employee, thought I was crazy to even consider not having insurance. She had lived through her youngest son becoming a quadriplegic as a result of a motorcycle accident. He lived on a ventilator for five years and passed away recently. Those costs would have wiped out everything she owned, had she not had insurance.

Should Christians Have Health Insurance?

I went to the Internet to see what I could find. ChristianNet.com conducted a survey that asked, “Should Christians have health insurance?” Out of 294 surveyed, 250 felt that Christians should invest in affordable health insurance. It was thought that sickness and disease can strike unexpectedly so it is wise to have sources to help with the expenses that are incurred.

Twenty-six believed that Christians should depend more on the operations of the church to help in times of need.

Eighteen people that commented in the survey had some diversified comments related to not having affordable health care. Several people felt that faith in God was the most important thing when it comes to illness and that living a truly sanctified life means being free from sickness. For those who don’t have this kind of faith, God uses those in the medical field to help His children find healing. This seemed like a huge leap of faith, so I kept looking for statistics.

According to Wikipedia.com, about 15.9%, 46.6 million, Americans have no health insurance and medical bills are overwhelmingly the most common reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States. Lack of insurance also keeps some from going to the doctor for minor ailments that often turn into major illnesses because they weren’t treated in time.

I obviously wasn’t going to make both friends happy. In the end, I decided to go with low-cost health insurance. At least I’d be covered if something major happened. For incidental doctor visits and prescriptions, I’d be covering those expenses myself. With this in place, though, I do think I’ll take better care of myself so that I don’t need to see the doctor as often and won’t take as many prescription drugs. I’m also continuing to pray for guidance about what God wants me to do. After all, He’s the one with Good Hands.

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