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Lather Up
Photo: Giampaolo Squarcina
Want to keep yourself healthy? Then lather up. Research done at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada, revealed that people who wash their hands with soap and water more than seven times a day were four times more likely to be free of cold and flu symptoms as were those who wash less frequently.

The Council on Family Health offers these hand-washing tips to help you combat those nasty germs:

Wash your whole hand, not just the palm. Germs hide in cuticles, beneath your fingernails, and in the creases of your skin.

Wash for at least 15 seconds.

Use warm, running water to lift germs off your skin and carry them away. The water needs to be warm enough to cut through the built-up oil on your hands.

Always use soap, since rinsing isn’t enough. Even though soap bars don’t transmit germs, liquid soap is often the best choice for children since their little fingers may find it difficult to grip the bar.

Canadian Journal of Infection Control

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