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Filling the Core
Photo: Fredrik Berglund
One day while surfing the web the following ad was “in my face” before I could scroll it out of view. Happy looking men and women, young and old were staring me down through an assortment of stylish looking spectacles, while an upbeat voice intoned, “There are so many chances to become someone new just by changing your glasses!” The 30 second blurb crafted by a well known maker of lenses, displayed an amazing grasp of the human psyche. For, don’t we all long to become someone new?

The burgeoning upsurge in the laser surgery market in recent years testifies to the fact that people are often dissatisfied with their noses, lips, eyelids, cheeks and chins, wrinkles, breasts and tummies, as well as other anatomical parts.

Mushrooming tattoo parlors once considered shady establishments, are now accepted venues for young and old alike to purchase skin ornamentation.

Multi colored contact lenses beckon people with 20/20 vision to adorn their irises transforming them into a different shade than the one they received at birth.

Hair coloring, acrylic nails, padded bras, hair removal, teeth bleaching, tanning salons and piercings further attest to the fact that our culture desires to modify the way we look with the hope that altering our appearance will in some way usher in a new and better life.

My Problems Didn't Disappear

And sometimes it helps. At 16, I traded in my coke bottle lenses for contacts and my buck teeth for braces. I looked better for sure! But down deep, a core of low self-worth still festered and thrived. My problems didn’t disappear with my Magoo glasses, nor did my life change much due to my improved appearance.

In fact, it was not until I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior that the wounded kernel deep within began to heal. Don’t ask me how God did it! I only know that when I gave my life to the Lord, the Creator’s love began to fill the vacuum of my heart. Where once there resided longing, emptiness and struggle, today contentment joy and peace make their lodging in that place.

If it is your desire to really become someone new, Jesus is the answer! Surrendered to the Lord, your life will change in a multitude of ways. Like a thirsty, dormant seed watered by the grace of God, you will blossom and flourish into the full potential of who your Creator fashioned you to be.

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you;..." (Ezekiel 36:26).

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