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Killer Cleaners
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According to a World Health Organization 1997 study, 80 percent of cancer cases in the twenty-first century will be attributable to environmental factors. Where do we find many of these cancer-causing factors? Right in home sweet home.

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that toxic chemicals in today’s homes are three times more likely to produce cancer than outdoor airborne pollutants. The biggest culprit? Cleaning supplies.
Instead of simply giving in to dirt and grime, consider these suggestions:
  • Avoid petroleum-based cleaners and those containing chlorine, ammonia and phosphates.
  • Keep in mind that traditional toilet and oven cleaners and furniture polish contain the highest levels of toxins.
  • Choose hand-applied cleaners rather than sprays. Never mix cleaners.
  • Don’t clean with hot water, which quickly evaporates, lifting toxins into the air.
  • Invite kids, especially young ones, to play elsewhere.
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