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Amazing Love
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A recent internet article entitled, "The Hardest I Worked for Love," struck to the heart of a very important relationship principle –we often have to work hard for a friendship or romance to flourish. The following six people went to extraordinary lengths to win the hearts of their Valentines.

Rona was dating a man who owned a 40 foot sailboat. Sailing was his passion but Rona was petrified to go out on the water because she had never learned to swim. So, at age 35, she secretly signed up for 10 weeks of swimming lessons. It was quite an embarrassment at her age to take lessons surrounded by a pool full of splashing ten year olds. But it was worth it! Her boyfriend was elated and she now loves boating too!

A New Jersey woman fell in love with a Turkish man. After dating for a year, they planned a trip to Turkey to meet his family.Maureen spent three months learning this difficult language, in her 30’s!  By the time they embarked on their journey, she wasn’t fluent but she knew enough to converse with his non-English speaking family, who were all quite impressed with her, and her efforts. They are now married!

A California man shaved off a 25-year beard for the love of his life, because it scratched her face when they kissed.

A lady from Missouri gave up her new golden retriever puppy when she discovered her boyfriend was allergic to her pooch.

Greg, a steak and burger lover relinquished his meat diet and became a vegetarian for that special young woman, who is now his wife.

A New York woman went through five excruciating tattoo removal procedures that were also very expensive, in order to evict a former boyfriends name from her left ankle.

Most Amazing Sacrifice

And, that brings us to the most amazing sacrifice on behalf of love that has ever been made. Did you know that the word excruciating literally means, “out of the cross?” This word that the dictionary describes as “causing or inflicting extreme pain or agony” came from the Roman death penalty known as crucifixion.

In the greatest act of love that has ever been known to our planet, God sent his only son to earth on our behalf. From a vulnerable little baby, Jesus grew to manhood. During his few short years of ministry, he taught and blessed and lovingly healed countless individuals who crossed his path.

On a Roman cross he was nailed between two criminals, where he died an excruciating death for you and for me. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).”

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