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Empty Pockets
Photo: Georgios M. W.
On a recent Saturday, I wheeled my truck into a county parking lot, cut the engine, grabbed my stuff, locked the door and headed for the building. My right hand automatically dropped to the fabric of my slacks and patted the outside of my pocket for that familiar clump of keys.

Not there! I stopped dead in my tracks and thrust my hand inside to make sure. Empty! Checking my pants several times, I slowly returned to my vehicle hoping I had left a door unlocked or a window down. It was sealed tight as a drum.

Having also locked my cell phone in the car, I resolutely approached the building again, caught the elevator, and made my way to the second floor. Having never been there before, I introduced myself and explained my plight. A woman offered me a phone book that looked as if it had been bed fellows with a pack of rats. For the life of me I couldn’t find the number of Roadside Service in that shredded mess. So, I took the liberty of dialing directory assistance on the office phone. A fast busy signal was all I got.

Finally, one of the employees took pity on me. She slipped into a side room and minutes later emerged with the number of AAA on a scrap of paper. As I gratefully picked up the phone to dial, my pager went off. Someone had just died and the family was requesting the services of a chaplain right away!

Oh God, help! Why is this happening to me?

To top it off, AAA had never heard of me!  Somehow in my recent move from Southern California to Arizona, I had fallen through a black hole in their system and they couldn’t find me. Of course, my membership card was locked securely in my truck so what could I prove? They refused to come out but gave me the number of a locksmith. I would have to pay for it myself but if they were found to be mistaken about my nonexistence, they would reimburse me later. Comforting thought. As I left the building, I fumbled in my pants one last time – empty pockets.

My Source of Freedom

Did you know President Bush carries nothing in his pockets either? No keys, no wallet, no cell phone, nothing but a clean, white handkerchief. He happily admitted this in an interview last November. Interesting. What for me is a source of stress, is for Bush a source of freedom. For, the president doesn’t need to carry anything in his pockets because other people take care of these things for him.

Did you know that in heaven we’ll all have empty pockets? And, it won’t be a cause for stress. We won’t need money or keys for God Himself will be with us and He will take care of us! We won’t even need a white handkerchief. For, the Bible says God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death, or mourning or crying or pain (Revelation. 21:4).

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