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Ticket to Ride
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Known as the father of nuclear physics, Nobel prize-winner, Albert Einstein was German by birth but migrated to America and became a U.S. citizen in 1940.

Traveling one day on a train from New York City, the renowned scientist spied the conductor moving through the passenger coaches collecting tickets. Immediately, Dr. Einstein began fumbling through his coat pockets. By the time the conductor reached him, Einstein had turned all his pockets inside out on both his trousers and suit coat and was rummaging through his brief case.

Recognizing the Nobel prize-winner, the conductor assured him not to worry. “I trust you,” he pledged and continued collecting tickets from the other passengers.

Half an hour later, the conductor returned to find the Princeton professor down on his hands and knees, obstructing the aisle, peering and groping under seats and baggage for the missing ticket.

Not an Issue of Trust

Noticing him, the conductor again repeated his assurance that he needn’t worry about his ticket. “I trust you, sir,” he gracefully intoned. It was then that Einstein finally answered. “Young man, this is not an issue of trust. This is an issue of direction. I have no idea where I’m going!”

If it hasn’t happened to you on a train, I imagine you have experienced this very dilemma while driving on the freeway. Your mind distracted, you suddenly grip the wheel a little tighter wondering, where on earth am I going?

To lose ones sense of direction momentarily is disconcerting, and sometimes even frightening. But to be off course in life is far more serious. It happens almost imperceptibly – a wrong move here, a poor decision there, perhaps a bad relationship. Our moral compass begins to tilt a bit and we lose our bearings. Somehow we find ourselves adrift, without a sense of direction. We may even begin to question “what am I here for anyway?” What is my purpose in life?”

Although the specific answer to that question is different for each one of us, the truth is we are all here to glorify God in some way. Just how that plays out in your life and mine is as unique and special as each one of us are.

Be assured, our Creator has a distinct and exceptional plan for your life! If you put your trust in the Lord with all your heart, rather than depending on yourself; if you seek God’s will in everything you do, the Almighty will direct your path (Proverbs 3:5-6 paraphrased).

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