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Garden of Delight
Photo: Daniel Bayona
Mere hours after my brother’s sudden death two years ago, I was stunned as I passed over the threshold of his house. Everything was in total disarray. Screens were broken, there was no running water and the toilet was clogged. The AC/heating unit was not functioning. Dirt, dust and garbage was piled up and the windows were so grimy, one could barely see through them. The stove was broken, the fridge was a disaster and the house was overrun with rats. They had built their nests under every large piece of furniture and left their calling cards on every table top!

No, this once beautiful home was not the victim of vandals or looters, but of neglect. All of the above simply happened by doing nothing. My brother had long suffered from mental illness and was not able to do the simplest acts of home maintenance.

We see it all around us – the law of entropy. This, according to one dictionary, is, the irreversible tendency of a system, including the universe toward increasing disorder and inertness.

This is one reason we have ghettos – once decent neighborhoods, fallen apart through neglect.

Our bodies are the same way. Once we reach a certain age, we hit the peak and begin the inevitable slide down the other side. The older we get, the more involved and time consuming the routine we must adhere to, in order to keep ourselves looking and feeling good. Consider this: tooth brushing, flossing, moisturizing, hair and nail maintenance, exercise, healthy diet, vitamins and supplements, and the list goes on…

Entropy and Decay

When Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying their Creator in the Garden of Eden (which means delight!), they set in motion the law of entropy and decay in every living fiber of this planet.

But praise God! There is One who can put a halt to this downward spiral. When the Lord returns to this world, those who have chosen to believe and serve the Almighty above all others (including self!) will be taken to heaven where all is joy, happiness, peace and life. In God’s sweet tomorrow, there will be no more suffering, decay, sickness, or death.

And, eventually our God will recreate even this earth anew. It will once again be a Garden of Delight teeming with eternal life. Let’s choose the Lord now, so we can be there!

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