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A Brand New Life
Photo: Lisa Langell
Stranded in the desert! And to make matters worse, night fall was fast approaching. Shivering, I forlornly circled my vehicle. Dressed only in shorts and a T shirt, my attire would have been perfect for summer. But however pleasant this barren wilderness had been that winter day, evening was another story.

Earlier that day, I had bid adieu to Southern California with my earthly possessions roped into the bed of my dusty, white Tacoma. I tied it all down myself thinking I had done a fine job. But a couple hundred miles of high winds proved otherwise.

I exited off the I-10 somewhere between Indio and Blythe after a quick glance in my rear view mirror revealed that my boxed CD player was about to jump ship! Pulling my vehicle onto a desolate patch of road, I hopped out to survey the damage. My new, plastic, camouflage tarp was shred to bits, clothes hangars were dangling out the back and several cardboard boxes were inches from taking flight. It looked as if I were part of the Beverly Hillbillies clan, but heading in the wrong direction!

Sadly, one of my favorite plants, Aloe Vera, had been mutilated by the wind. Her once plump, green, sword shaped leaves were now jagged and broken, oozing sap everywhere.

It was, at that precise moment, I realized I had unthinkingly locked the car door behind me when I jumped out. Now, locked out, in the cold, in the desert, at night, with a dying plant in my arms, I began to cry.

Although I was carrying a new cell phone in my pocket, I didn’t yet know the number, or have my glasses on me so I could read it. Despite these hindrances, AAA was contacted and arrived an hour, or so later. They not only unlocked my truck but kindly tied down my belongings, tight! Whereby, I made it to Arizona without any further problems.

Aloe Vera Looked Dead

Aloe Vera, however, looked good as dead! I seriously thought of burying her in the desert but guilt wouldn’t allow it. It was, after all, my fault she had been massacred in the first place.

Although her condition appeared to be hopeless, I brought her home and nursed her back to health. Now 14 months later, she is a beautiful, strong plant – much stronger perhaps because of what she’s been through.

Maybe you feel a lot like Aloe did that night in the desert. The winds of life have battered and boxed you to a pulp. You feel so pummeled by the circumstances you’ve been through that one more wallop will be your knock-out.

However strongly you may feel it, your situation is not hopeless. Your Creator loves you very deeply and longs to nurse you back to health. Just place your hand in the hand of the Almighty and let the God know that He can now take control. “'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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