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Photo: Elvis Santana
A documentary that examines the decline of urban neighborhoods and expansion of the suburbs uses Cleveland, Ohio, as a case study. The personal stories and trends included describe the forces operating in most large metropolitan areas in America today.

Designed to educate the average person and encourage community involvement, the documentary is available on DVD. It is entitled Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City and is the second in a series of urban documentaries, the first of which was Phoenix: The Urban Desert.

Excellent Discussion Tool

This is an excellent tool for a discussion group at your church or civic club, as well as an interesting source of personal information if you are trying to understand the forces impacting your neighborhood. Go to: www.makingsenseofplace.org/ to find out how to obtain a copy.

This documentary tells the story of the decay of the central city and inner suburbs of what was once America’s fifth largest city while the newer, outer suburbs expand and flourish. It traces the issues of race and class, taxes and schools, jobs and demographics and how they interact with each other to determine the fate of communities over time.

Through the reflections of many individuals and videotape of key events, the vast social forces of urbanization are brought to life in this documentary. It will spark comments, questions and dialog that is needed to understand and improve our communities today.

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