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Welcome Home
Photo: Deb Walker
Today’s real estate market has gone belly up in many parts of the county. Areas that were booming 18 months ago with housing prices appreciating overnight, have now settled in, even plummeted in some former “hot spots.” The seller’s market of ’04 and ’05 has humbly deferred to the buyer’s market of ’07.

It’s still a great time to buy a home in many places but a frustrating time to sell. A recent article in the Arizona Republic outlined what to avoid if you have your residence on the market.
  • The dirty house: Of course it’s a given that a home for sale should be clean, tidy and appealing but surprisingly some aren’t! 
  • The dog house: Overpowering pet odors motivate prospective buyers to make a quick exit! 
  • The doll house: Large collections of ceramic dolls whose eyes seem to follow uneasy buyers as they make their way from room to room, is unnerving, to say the least.
  • The safari house: Most buyers are distracted, if not disturbed, by hunting trophies, such as stuffed animal heads mounted on the walls.
  • The bag house: The creative owners of one such abode painted paper bags, then attached them to the walls in order to achieve an artistic effect. The result? No sale!
If you have avoided these pitfalls and still haven’t been able to sell, be patient and thankful you have a “nest” to live in, even if it isn’t your dream home.

Jesus Homeless

It still boggles my mind to realize the Son of God had no place of refuge during His earthly sojourn. His birth in a stable somehow hinted at the fact that Jesus would be homeless as an adult.

Unconcerned with earthly treasures, the Lord humbly moved from place to place throughout Palestine, never lighting in one spot long enough to get comfortable. His focus instead, was on touching lives – teaching and healing by the power of God – attempting to draw men and women to Himself.

Unconditional love was the motivating factor that moved our Savior to sacrifice everything, including life itself, so that we might enjoy eternity in our real home, the heavenly abode God is preparing for us even now.

Jesus simply asks that we accept Him as our Savior and allow God to call the shots in our lives from this day forward. If you haven’t already, will you do it now? Over time, the outcome will be nothing short of miraculous!

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