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Whack-A-Mole Days
Photo: Fleur Suijten
Do you ever have days when your life seems cluttered with difficult situations? I do, and there are mornings when I would rather pull the blankets back over my head than to face problems that seem to pop up out of nowhere. When I encounter these types of days I think about a game I used to play called, “whack-a-mole."

The game consisted of twelve little “holes” that mechanical moles would pop up from. The player would stand poised and ready with a foam rubber mallet and attempt to whack each mole that popped his head out. The premise of the game was quite simple; when a mole pops up, whack it back down. It gets downright frustrating however, when they pop up and down out of their holes faster than you are able to whack them. 

I often find that the reality of life is much like this silly game; I conquer one problem only to discover that another has “popped” up somewhere else. I get victory in one area of my life only to realize that I have a much larger issue looming in another place. It can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting!

Where I find relief

On these debilitating days I take comfort from a verse of Scripture that has buoyed my spirits on more than one occasion.

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phillipians 1:6).

I’m thankful that God isn’t finished with me yet. Even though I encounter setbacks, negative situations, and problems, my Creator stands ready and willing to be my divine partner through it all. The Lord is in the trenches with me even during the toughest of times because according to Scripture, I’m still a work in progress. What a beautiful truth, especially on “whack-a-mole” days!

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