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Off Course
Photo: Kenn Kiser
Tobi Gutt recently discovered that a tiny mistake can turn into a huge problem. The 21-year-old German decided to take a four week vacation to visit his girlfriend in the metropolis of Sydney, Australia. It seems he made a small typo, and punched in an “i” instead of a “y” and requested Sidney through the travel website where he was putting together his itinerary.

As his plane touched down in Portland, Oregon the thought crossed his mind that he was a “little” off course. But he reasoned to himself that one could fly to Australia via the United States. Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, Tobi found himself in Billings, Montana about to take off on a commuter plane for Sidney, an oil town with a population of 5000 in the same state. The poor tourist was over 8000 miles away from his intended destination. What a difference a tiny mistake can make.

A Friend to Show the Way

In our spiritual lives it can be a very simple thing to get off course from where we had originally desired to go. Often, the smallest mistake can trip us up and take us to a place we really don’t want to be. That’s why it’s so important to have a friend who can show us the way.

Throughout the scriptures we are told to stay in a close, personal connection with our God. Our Creator knows where we need to be going, and is the only One who can keep us headed in that direction. Through a tight relationship with our Divine “Traveling Companion,” we are assured that we will stay on course and eventually reach our final destination.

Tobi Gutt had to be re-routed, but three days (and 600 euros) later, he left the cold Montana winter to enjoy the warm breezes of the place he had planned to travel to in the first place. Often, we may need to be spiritually re-routed as well, but it’s offered to us free of charge. Even if we’re way off track, all of heaven waits to correct our eternal traveling plans.

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