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Christian Hands
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"Why are you doing this Scott?” It was a simple question, but Sue was not quite prepared for the profound answer that would follow.

Scott is a member of my church, and on his way to town one day he noticed a neighbor in the process of building a garage. Scott loves to socialize, and so he stopped to talk with John about what he was building. After learning that John was using an ordinary hammer to put his nails into the garage frame, Scott offered a compressor and air nailer to help make the job a little easier.

The offer was accepted, and when Scott delivered the equipment he told John, “I’m free this afternoon, put me to work.” With the power equipment and an extra set of hands, the frame began to take shape quickly. Scott returned the next day with his son and volunteered to help finish the roof.

"What's in it for You?"

John’s wife Sue came out to watch them work and looked puzzled at Scott as he climbed down from the ladder to get more building materials. “Why are you doing this Scott?,” she asked. “This help is really great, but what’s in it for you?” Scott’s answer seemed to take her by surprise.

“I’m helping you work on this garage because I want you to see what I think Jesus is like,” Scott explained. He then grabbed the material and headed back up the ladder. There was no more explanation, no deep theological discussion. Just a hard-working man showing his neighbor in a tangible way what Christianity is supposed to be all about.

I’ve recounted that event over and over again, and I am convinced that Scott did more to show the love of Jesus to that young couple than a deep doctrinal Bible study could ever have accomplished. He met them right where they were, and assisted them with something that was important in their lives. 

Christ had much to say about that type of service to others. He lavished special praise on those who did more than just talk about about their relationship with God. I’m thankful to know a real Christian like Scott, and his loving service causes me to stop and think about my own claims of genuine Christinity. I’ve known it all along, but his willingness to help out a neighbor reinforced it again; that real Christians don’t just talk about God’s love, they actually do something.

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35).

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