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Stress-Free 13 Steps
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13-Step Program for Becoming Stress-Free

Step1: Take six deep breaths per day.

Step 2: Enjoy three to four cardiovascular workouts per week.

Step 3: Give away 100 kisses per day to children or a favorite pet.

Step 4: Take part in two weight-training sessions per week.

Step 5: Snooze eight hours per night.

Step 6: Eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Step 7: Say “NO” to something that would stress you out two times per day.

Step 8: Think 10 positive thoughts per day.

Step 9: Let yourself laugh really hard five times per day.

Step 10: Sit quietly alone for a few minutes one to two times per day.

Step 11: Drink eight glasses of water per day.

Step 12: Remind a loved one of your love one time per day.

Step 13: Thank God for His blessings each hour of every day.

Steps 1-12: Connie Stetler, personal trainer, Houston, Texas. Step 13: Vibrant Life staff

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