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Hope for Grace
Photo: Leonardo Almeida
In our world today, full of pain and sorrow, many are looking for a source of hope – a place of security and comfort. The security we depend on slips away as families break apart, loved ones die in a war overseas, homes are lost to natural disasters, and disease takes away those we care about.

That last sorrow of disease has been more real to me lately as I’ve watched a friend of mine, Grace*, take on the role of mother in her home, as she’s watched brain cancer slowing taking away her mom’s life. With the stress of high school, taking care of her siblings (including a five-month-old baby brother), and keeping house, combined with the pain of losing her mother, Grace’s life has been full of grief and confusion.

Hope Gives Her Courage

Last week, when I heard the news that her mother had passed away, I talked to Grace. Grieving, she mourned that her mother would never be there to see her graduate from high school, see her walking down the aisle at her wedding, see her someday-family. Yet I was struck at the confidence of her heart. Only fifteen, she is certain of seeing her mother again and clings to that hope. Heaven has become very real to her and God’s power to bring she and her mother together again someday is a reality in her heart. That hope gives her courage each day as she mourns and struggles forward.

Seeing this expectancy in my friend has reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s reminder that “…we wait for the blessed hope – the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ…” (1 John 2: 13). It is hard to see the pain and suffering around us, but we do have a hope, an anticipation of a day when God will “wipe away every tear from their eyes” and there will be no more dying mothers, no more broken families, no more sons and fathers lost in a war overseas, no more natural devastation to homes and nations. We can look forward to this day with confidence, letting it keep our eyes faced upward to our Lord. That hope can be a life perspective, holding our hearts free from heaviness and fear.

We can be assured of daybreak beyond the darkness we are fumbling through and even now, when we feel alone, He is right beside us, guiding our path and setting forth the light we need to move forward.

*Not her real name

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