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There was a well-known self-help article that featured letters from people who touted themselves with monikers like “single and looking,” “frazzled and fickle,” and yes, “hurried and hopeless.” And whoever wrote with that last name must have chose it to signify a sense of living in frantic, rushed mayhem with no hope of rescue in sight.There are many of us who can relate. If you are a student with ten exams and six term papers looming; a mom with three children all under the age of five; a professional with a family in pursuit of a graduate degree while holding down a full time job and serving on endless church committees; well you get the picture.

In the midst of all this frenzied activity that robs us of precious time, how does one include a consistent, meaningful prayer life? I venture to say the answer lies in thinking outside the box—trying something a little unconventional. By that I say, having a prayer life that connects you to God and feeds your spiritual soul does not equate hours spent in prayer and supplication at the crack of dawn (though there is a time and place for that too.) Let’s just cut to the chase: you can talk to God anywhere, anytime.

Pray without ceasing

So do it. In your head, out loud, in song, however you feel moved to pray--do it! You can read His word anywhere, anytime. Keep a Bible in your car to read verses while waiting in the parking lot of your child’s school. Take a small devotional book to work and take breaks with it. Read it in line at the DMV, in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, etc. You get the picture. When something pops into your head to tell God about, don’t put it off until your designated prayer time before bed—speak to Him right then and there.

What works for me at the moment (and the moment consists of me being a stay-at-home mother of two/freelance writer/partner in hubby’s business/church communication director) is talking to God in my head as soon as the alarm goes off, and sending him quick notes from my heart as they occur. I also try to keep easily digestible spiritual reading material close for any moment that time permits. What I believe these shortcuts enable us to do is tune our minds to connecting with God at any moment of the day that we can. The beauty of this method is that we can find ourselves communing with God all day long. What better goal can we achieve than that?

The tried and true methods of having daily devotion time are important. All I am saying is that life’s circumstances sometimes prohibit us from spending time in the more traditional formats we are accustomed to. But one who loves God cannot neglect God-time. So make tuning your head and heart to God as often as you can, a priority. Then reach for Him in any way possible. He’ll work with what we have. He always does.

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