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Source of Contentment
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In his book, "Winning with People", John Maxwell, leadership “guru” tells of the time he was hired to teach a class to the coaches and players of the St. Louis Rams.

Subsequently, he was invited to attend one of their games where he sat in the bleachers with the spouses of team members. As he chatted with the wife of John Matsko, associate head coach of the Rams, she mentioned she had lived in a number of states, which included New York, Missouri, California, Arizona, Ohio and North Carolina. So, Maxwell asked her, in all those states, which was her favorite city? “Where I am right now,” was her response. “So, you like St. Louis the best?” “No, I didn’t say that,” she responded. “I like the place I’m currently living in the best.”

Seldom Satisfied

This remarkable attitude is rare, don’t you think? For most of us, the proverbial grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We’re never quite satisfied where we are. We would perhaps, like to own a bigger house and a newer car. And, we might be able to do this if we had a better job. Some of us who are single would like to be married. And, those of us who are married wish we were single again. We dream of faster P/C’s and flatter TV’s. We are seldom satisfied.

The apostle Paul found the secret to contentment in his relationship to a person rather than in his circumstances, or his “stuff.” And, by his own testimony he recounts that his circumstances were not always pleasant. He was beaten repeatedly, in prison frequently, stoned a few times and even shipwrecked. He was in danger wherever he traveled; often weary, going without sleep, sometimes hungry and thirsty, cold and without clothing.

And yet he was able to say at one point, “I have learned in whatever state I’m in, to be content” (Phillippians 4:11 paraphrase). Amazing!! As I said, Paul found this contentment in a relationship with a person. But lest you think that person was a beautiful, adoring wife, I must remind you that he never married.

No, the person Paul found his contentment in was Jesus Christ. Paul discovered that in the Lord, there is peace and joy, even in the midst of struggle.

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