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What’s the definition of a Christian? That’s the question that a small youth group in Iowa took to the streets. With video camera in tow, they went to the city square and asked random shoppers what they think a Christian is.

When they returned to their church base, they analyzed the varied answers. Most people had responded, “a Christian is a good person.” Others said, “someone who believes in God.” A common response was that a Christian is someone who goes to church. Still others simply found themselves too stumped to answer. This, in turn, stumped the youth, as did the rather generic answers.

Is a Christian simply a good person? Aren’t there Jews or agnostics or even atheists who are also good people? And are Christians the only ones who believe in God? Not by a long shot. And they’re not the only ones who go to church either.

People Who Want to be Like Jesus 

So what is a Christian anyway? Are you a Christian? Well, if we go by the example of the early Christian church, we find individuals who were followers of Jesus. Not just believers, but followers. People who were actually excited about giving the Good News to the world about Jesus being the Savior. People who couldn’t be stopped from letting everyone know that Jesus had promised to return and that anyone who repented and accepted salvation through the sacrifice of God’s Son would be given eternal life! Eternal life!  People who not only wanted to be with Jesus, but who wanted to be like Jesus!

Is it any different today? Shouldn’t a Christian still be unstoppable in sharing the Good News with the world? Shouldn’t eternal life with our Creator still be a top priority? And shouldn’t a Christian want to be transformed into the character of Jesus? Well, it’s something to think about. Especially next time we find ourselves asking someone else, “Are you a Christian?” What if they asked us the same question?
“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed” (Romans 12:2).

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