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Preach It, Peaches!
Photo: Studiomill
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you" (Psalms 32:8).

Today was peach-picking day at the Simmons home! And what a joy it was to stand under our three-year-old tree as it provided its very first yield of delicious, juicy peaches! There’s just nothing like standing beneath fruit-laden limbs, picking the fuzzy ripe bounty and even getting bumped on the head now and then by an ornery piece of fruit diving from the upper limbs. And, oh, the satisfaction of biting into the soft fruit while sun-warmed juice spills over both sides of the mouth!

In Iowa, growing peaches is risky business. That’s why no one actually makes a “business” out of it. There are just some of us who grow our own trees, hoping for a crop now and then, knowing that the tender, early blossoms may very well be destroyed by late frost. So when one actually gets a crop of peaches, it’s truly a beautiful thing!

Thank You for Nudging Me

As I stood beneath the young branches that were weighted to take the shape of a fountain, I thanked the Lord over and over.  

“Thank you, Jesus,” I’d say with a full mouth as I plucked one peach for the bucket and one for myself."

“Thank you for saving these peaches from being destroyed as blossoms when the frost came late last spring."

“Thank you for keeping them alive through this terrible drought of the summer months."

"And thank you that you nudged me to take a look at the crop tonight so that I’d see they needed picking.”

That last blessing from the Lord was perfectly timed as just a few minutes later, a big windy rainstorm passed through and would have, no doubt, caused the peaches to drop, leaving them bruised on the ground.

Isn’t that just like God? Not only did God save the peaches from the frost and then the drought, but at the last minute God directed my attention to the tree, which I did not think had yet ripened. It was as though he were saying, “Gwen, hurry and pick the peaches now. Do you want them to be ruined after all this?”  

So, now as I look at the freshly picked crop on my kitchen counter, it occurs to me that I have received a pretty good sermon today about God’s tender partnership with us. And I heard it from a peach tree!

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