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Grasshopper Lessons
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I was walking to my car after an appointment on one of those sunny summer days back in August 2006, thinking about what a wonderful day God gave us. Getting into the driver’s seat I noticed a katydid (a green, long-horned American grasshopper) taking its time strolling across my windshield. I decided not to brush it off, but started the car and headed out of the parking lot on my way to the office. I figured it would get blown off the windshield anyway.

To my surprise, the katydid did not even seem to be phased by the movement of the car. I drove several miles before reaching the entrance to the highway and it stayed with me. Since the katydid was right in my line of vision, it was difficult not to notice it. As I picked up speed, I thought, “Surely this bug is going to get blown right off the windshield in a matter of minutes.” Not so. The more I sped up, the more it appeared determined to hand on. Even though the body of this insect was blowing fiercely in the wind, the legs were positioned in such a way that they seemed to be suctioned to the windshield and holding steady. Occasionally, and at what appeared to me to be just the right time, the katydid would slowly adjust its legs to help keep its balance against the wind.

I wanted to believe it was just a fluke that the katydid was able to stay on the windshield and that if I picked up speed it would be blown off; but it held on. Eventually, it was time to get off the highway and I slowed down to exit. When I arrived at work and parked the car, about 50 minutes after this all began, the katydid was still there (basking in its free ride). After being in the office for a while I went back out and looked for it, but it was gone.

Some of our life experiences are like that of the katydid. We are strolling along in the sunshine of our lives when, all of a sudden, things change and our life experience becomes stormy. We find ourselves being blown about with so many challenges that we may even think about throwing up our hands and giving up completely.

Watching the katydid that morning reminded me of four things:

1. It is important to be rooted and grounded in a personal relationship with God so that when things get difficult to handle, we will be able to hold on (see Ephesians 6:10-18).

2. Each trial and hardship we experience in this life is not here to stay. Remember, “tough times do not last, tough people will” (see 1 Peter 4:12, 13).

3. We must be determined to endure the storms of life, and we are promised that victory will be ours, either immediately or eventually (see Matthew 24:13).

4. When an unexpected experience catapults us into a new environment we must not remain paralyzed by it, but (like the katydid) explore the new world that is open to us.

The lessons from the grasshopper helped to strengthen my faith and determination to hold on to God as I journey through this life. I share these lessons with you in hopes that they will encourage you and strengthen your faith, as well. Remember, as the wind blows in your life, stand still and know that the Lord is with you (see 2 Chronicles 20:17).

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By Ednor A. P. Davison. Reprinted with persmission from Atlantic Union Gleaner, October 2006. Copyright © 2006 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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