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Potato Sack
Photo: Alistair Williamson
Take a potato and write on it the name of a person who did you wrong. Do this for everyone who has raised your ire and never received your forgiveness. When you’re finished, gather all your potatoes together and place them in a sack.

Keep this sack next to you at all times- at work, at lunch, while shopping, at home. As the days pass, try to ignore the dangling sprouts and festering smell.

Toss the Potatoes

In time, you’ll probably want to be free from the weight, the stench, and the constant reminder of the hurt, disappointment, heartache, and anger you feel inside. That’s when you should toss the potatoes, and pick up the phone.

When you forgive someone, you free yourself from an oppressive load of negativity. Forgiveness allows you to create peace where there was once a sack of rotting potatoes.


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