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Heart Surprise
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Have you ever noticed how the day after Halloween, you're likely to find smashed pumpkins everywhere? Driving up the street by my home the morning of November 1st, I marveled at the beautiful new blacktop that had just been laid. So smooth and cushiony, it made weeks of road construction worth the wait. But just a block from my residence, a large pumpkin had been smashed in the road, marring the streets new, black, beauty.

Yet, today as I walked by the scene of the crime, I saw an amazing thing. Six or seven large black crows were having a feast of pureed pumpkin for breakfast! What I had thought was a bad thing, turned out to be very good, at least for the birds.

You know God has an awesome habit of bringing something good out of the bad. Romans 8:28 assures us that, God works all things together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to God’s purpose (paraphrase).

Difficult or Trying Time

Perhaps you are now going through a difficult or trying time. Maybe it’s financial difficulties, relationship problems, or even a life threatening illness. It may be hard to imagine how God could possibly bring something good out of it but the promise is sure for those who love God and are called according the Lord’s purpose.

A few years ago while living in southern California, wildfires fanned by erratic Santa Ana winds devastated the entire north side of the Simi Hills. A few days later, driving east on the 118 freeway toward Rocky Peak, I noticed one of the charred hillsides on the left had a large heart carved on it. That heart somehow signified hope in the midst of a tragedy.

While God’s heart aches for the loss and grief caused by the firestorms of our lives, the word of the Lord offers hope that God will help rebuild our lives and even bring good out the cinders and ash.

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