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I live in South Florida where it is very tropical and very beautiful. We have amazing fall and winter seasons. Spring is perfection. But, there are those couple of months in between spring and fall that are somewhat difficult to bear. There are days where we are on the verge of turning into fish! There are times when it does not stop raining for weeks and weeks. And it’s not a drizzly kind of mist. It’s a torrential, hysterical kind of storm, with thunder and lightning. Rain…rain…RAIN!

As I sit here in my office, knowing that there is 100% humidity outside and the day promises to wash ANY outdoor plans out, I think of three very unique qualities that rain has.

Rain makes you uncomfortable. You’re wet when you’re supposed to be dry. You can’t see while you’re driving. People seem to become WORSE drivers when it rains (and in Miami, that’s a horrible thing!) If you have babies, you have to shelter them from getting wet. Your shoes get soaked; your clothes; your HAIR! It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable.

Rain brings out the childlike (or childish) qualities within all of us. We may suddenly get this urge to go outside and run in the rain. As we walk in parking lots, we deliberately step into the puddles…and splash around a bit. No matter what people say, there is nothing like forgetting about our adult responsibilities and behaviors and becoming childlike and playing in the rain! (Just ask my sister and I!)

Rain is refreshing! It refreshes the ground. It refreshes the air. It refreshes the flowers and plants. It refreshes the fruits and vegetables and makes them grow! Rain has a way of settling things down; of cooling things down; of making things look fresh and new.

Life, on earth, is not a walk in the park. You know that and I know that. Just like rain, life can be uncomfortable.

Experiences we go through can bring out our childlike (or childish!) qualities that our kids like to see so much.

But in order to refresh our energies—our souls—we need something more than just a cool rain. We need to be saturated with God! Spending our intimate moments with Him causes us to be saturated with the goodness of God. 

If your life is dry and in need of rain, remember that God is that summer thunderstorm. He longs to bring you refreshing, cooling peace. He longs to be the One that makes you grow and settle you down. He longs to be the One to give you a fresh, new start.

So, be childlike, splash around!

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