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Wow, I’m having a real moment of revelation on the idea of witnessing! A few days ago as I was in prayer, I was asking God to use me as a witness that day. Then, as soon as I had said that, I answered back to myself, Well, you can’t be a witness today. You’re planning to stay home and get some work done and you probably won’t even see anyone. Fortunately, God broke into the conversation and added, But what about the watching worlds? What about the angels? There is a whole universe watching you. Did you forget that?

Yes, I had forgotten that! I had forgotten that the Bible shows (in the book of Job) that there are representatives of other worlds in the universe. I had forgotten that the war in heaven which led to Satan’s eviction, was over the lie that Satan was feeding the angels that God was unfair and that he (Satan) could run things a lot better if he had the chance. I had forgotten that Satan actually convinced one third of those angels to go along with him. I had forgotten that all of those beings, both fallen and unfallen are still observing this planet today. That makes me a witness! 

I Wake Up a Witness

So, even if I don’t see another human being for days, I am still a witness in this great battle between good and evil. I must say that this realization is causing me to be more careful about the way I live each day, and it’s a welcome development.  It’s both a humbling and exciting to realize that I am a witness whether I set out to be or not. I am at all times a witness for either one side or the other. I don’t just choose a day to go out and witness to people for God. I wake up a witness simply because I wake up. What I do with my day, what I think about, and what I say determine who I am a witness for.

So, even if there are no human ears around to witness to, I can still speak up and say aloud, “God is good! He is fair and loving, and he’s an enduring friend!  And Satan is a liar. Look at me! I’m proof that God is merciful. Just look how many times He has taken me back! And see how happy I am in His company.” 

OK, so it’s a new day. I’m stepping up to the witness stand. Pray for me. I’m praying for you.

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