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Just What I Needed
Photo: Carlos Paes
It seems to me that trying circumstances seem to arrive in groups.Things will be smooth for a little while, and then the trials roll in. And they don’t have to necessarily be major trials. Just those irritating annoyances and inconveniences and frustrations that pick and pick and pick until I’m ready to pull my hair (or someone else’s) out!

This happened recently as I was driving a friend to Des Moines to a doctor’s check-up. I was happy to do it for my friend, but I don’t like driving in Des Moines as it is a very confusing conglomeration of streets that make for instant insanity to those who don’t happen to live there.

Well, on this particular trip, we had arrived in town a few minutes late. This was the beginning of my frustration level.Then going through the typical trial of finding the right streets with the added complication of road construction just added fuel to my anxiety. Then, upon arriving at the hospital, we discovered the appointment was at a different building (a fact no one had informed us of earlier). Finally, we arrived. Late, but safely.

Dangerous Traffic Situation

Later, we learned that there had been a very dangerous traffic situation on the very street we had traveled at the very time we should have been traveling it. For whatever reason, a driver was traveling 100 miles per hour down the wrong side of the street. You can imagine the damage that such an act caused. And we would likely have been in the middle of it had we not been late.

Often, when I get into situations of frustration, I’ll moan, “That’s all I need!” But if I could only see what God may be sparing me from, I would realize that indeed that IS what I need! And sometimes it isn’t in the form of sparing my life either. Sometimes I have found later that it was in the form of discipline. Maybe in order to draw me closer to Jesus or to learn more about the journey God has for me, I have had to travel through something that I thought I didn’t need, but in fact, needed very much. So, I’m learning that when I hear myself saying, “That’s all I need,” I might be more correct than I could ever imagine.

"And my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19).

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