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Roaring Lambs
Photo: J.Furmanczyk
I never thought I would be working in an advertising agency located downtown. But I do.

I work in bustling downtown Orlando, Fla. It’s nothing compared to New York City or Atlanta, but I definitely feel the sense that I’m walking downtown when I conveniently take my two minute walk to Starbucks. It’s filled with parks, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, sandwich shops, boutiques, hair salons, and the list can go on and on.

Growing up in Miami you get used to the hustle and bustle of city life and city lights. There’s city traffic and a city way of life. But even though I grew up in one of the fastest growing cities I never felt a part of the city life. My life was filled with church and church events and going to my church school with my church friends. I went to my church university and then I was thrown into reality. The reality that there’s a real world filled with people who haven’t heard about church and God and might not even care to know that He exists. It’s a reality I wasn’t prepared to face and in all honesty I wasn’t sure that I wanted to accept.

Amazing People

It’s been a harsh awakening for me to realize that there’s an ENTIRE world of people who don’t live a God-driven life. I work alongside people who don’t believe in God, or maybe they do but they don’t have the same convictions I grew up with. It’s hard not to pass judgment. But the truth is a lot of my coworkers are amazing people. Nice, giving, caring people. They might not have given their lives to Christ, but in their own way they practice Christ-like actions. I wonder if they think the same of me? I wonder if they have seen kindness and a “what would Jesus do” attitude in me. I wonder if I’ve touched their lives as much as they’ve touched mine?

Jesus worked around the hurting, the searching, and the lonely. He concentrated his ministry in this target audience. I think it’s time we do the same. I think it’s time we become roaring lambs. Roaring lambs that happen to work in the city, play in the city and make a difference in the city.

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