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The Value of Roots
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Since I became a parent, I have found increasing reasons to admire my own parents. Parenting is a tough job and we all tend to do it with good intentions and many mistakes. And of course, since I was my parents’ first child, I believe that I was probably the experimental child!

I greatly respect the sense of security that my parents provided for me. They were married for 55 years. They lived on the same farm, in the same house, that they called home for all of my life. My father was born in that house and both of his parents died there. Dad made every effort to keep my ailing mother “at home” as long as humanly possible. She used to comment on how many times her own father had moved his family and the various possessions that they had sold or lost. Even though she would have preferred to travel more, I think she too benefited from a solid sense of home.

Reliable Cycles

I have deep emotional roots at that farm and in that community. My grandparents worked hard to buy and keep 150 acres of land, which their only child inherited. During my childhood, I walked in every field, and understood the nuances of each season: crops, pests, weather, and holidays. All of this was part of the reliable cycles of life. My address and phone number never changed, and I always knew where my bedroom could be found.

My parents might have had other education, business opportunities or choices if they had moved. However, because they chose roots over transitions, four generations of family have had memories at our home.

A heritage of security and commitment has enhanced my spiritual life. I value the hills and valleys of the marriage experience and what that refines in one’s character. I also believe that I can better appreciate the meaning of “abiding” in God’s love and the gift of an eternal heavenly home because of my lifelong childhood home.

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