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Rain and Rainbows
Photo: Studiomill
I lugged my bags to the airline check-in desk for the second time in 12 hours. An unexpected closing of Dallas/Fort Worth airport the previous evening had meant an extra night in Nashville and rebooking on the first morning flight that was far too early. Although the sun was rising in a cloudless Tennessee sky, rain was still falling in Dallas. But the airport was open again, and we took off.

As we approached Dallas/Fort Worth, I could barely see the ground through the clouds, which grew thicker and thicker the closer we came. We descended through gray fog, and rain pelted the windows as we landed. I dreaded the rest of my flight home—a little 15-passenger commuter plane that carried travelers from Dallas to the airport in my town. Sometimes bouncy on nice days, in rainy, windy weather, the flight was more like a bad amusement-park ride. The vibrations and noise of the propellers prevent even a short nap on the 45-minute flight.

Small commuter planes fly at a lower altitude than larger ones, so I was surprised when we ascended through the cloud layer. I leaned back against the seat, too tired to even try reading.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a little rainbow. I looked more intently. Nothing there. I had imagined it. But no, there it was again. I saw it. Then it was gone. Now there were three. Now only one.

I watched the most amazing little sky show I had ever seen. There were scores of tiny arcs of rainbows appearing, disappearing, and reappearing. I was intrigued. Did the angle of the morning sun cause this phenomenon, or was it our closeness to the tops of the water-logged storm clouds? Did this always happen when it rained? How was it that no one had ever told me that when it rains under the dark clouds, the sky up above is full of rainbows?

Gloomy as the Weather Outside

I watched the spectacle until the plane headed back down through the clouds. We left the sunny sky, and raindrops covered the aircraft’s windows. At the terminal, we passengers jogged through puddles from the plane to the building. Damp from the rain, we waited for our luggage. The baggage handlers, the airline personnel, and the car rental agents were as gloomy as the weather outside.

They just don’t realize, I thought. It may be dismal down here, and all we can see is the dreary weather. But up above the clouds the sun is shining, and the sky is full of rainbows.

There are always rainbows. Sometimes we just can’t see them.

When my heart is heavy and worries shadow my mind, it’s hard to remember that God still loves me and is working for my good. But He is. Just like the rainbows above the storm clouds, God is always with me, constant through my need for Him.

In Matthew 13:44, Jesus says that “the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.” For me, it’s more like a rainstorm. I may be drenched, but the rainbows are up there. I know, because I’ve seen them.

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By Gayle Lintz. Reprinted with persmission from Signs of the Times, September 2006. Copyright © 2013 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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