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I planted a meadow two weeks ago. It’s in my backyard. I hadn’t wanted to spend the money for an all-out sprinkler system, so I bought a can of seed that promised me a meadow. I planted it, topped it with peat moss. I watered it faithfully, fertilized it with just the right nitrogen content and watched and hoped that it would work. I made sure not to walk on it for fear of crushing anything.

Right now, as I look out back, it’s as if my entire backyard needs a shave. I see thousands of tiny new plants.

I looked up “seeds” in the Bible concordance. Under seeds, I was surprised that many of the references referred to seeds being God’s people and they all start out as babies and grow just like seeds. Seeds? Of course, I have two of them running around at this very moment. (Matthew 13:38, The field is the world, and the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom.)

Yesterday, I saw a seed. I saw 13-hour-old Zac. He was beautiful and perfect in every way and I came away from that encounter with a burden of responsibility. His parents never asked my opinion about whether they should have this child. Never sought my advice once. But now that he’s here, he’s mine, too … and yours, because, if we are lucky, Zac will grow up attending our church.

Hugging Him 

First Zac will have this wonderful custom called a baby shower. Everything will be blue of course. But we can’t stop there. We need to work together to make sure there’s a program in place for him at church every week. We need to make sure there’s a mother’s room for the family. Kindergarten needs to be operating when he’s four, but there are times in between, too. Maybe when he’s fussy, someone should give his mom a hand. How about when he wants to pull the flowers out of the church landscaping? Maybe someone should be there to distract him and find something more “fun for him to do. Oh, and when he’s old enough to sing in the kid’s choir and he sings off tune and never looks at the director and you can’t think of anything complimentary to say about his performance, how about giving him a hug and telling him how great he looks in his choir robe. Of course, he won’t let you hug him unless you’ve been hugging him all along.

What about the next time someone starts complaining about a school issue and you’re tired of hearing about it? You don’t have kids in school anymore, so you don’t care. But wait! What about Zac? You have a responsibility to him. He’s got to have a school to attend. And think of all the times he’ll need you to contribute to the many fund-raisers?

In addition to being a seed that’s a child of God, Zac is also one of Jesus’ little lambs. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep” (John 21:15). He wasn’t a selfish God. He didn’t just mean the ones we’re related to.

When God sends us a new little lamb, let’s roll up our sleeves and give Him a hand.

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