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Have you ever been so thirsty you thought you were going to pass out? So thirsty that every time you swallowed it felt like you were swallowing sand paper? I’m pretty good about drinking my eight cups of water. It’s true! You can ask my friends. They’ll say I’m surgically attached to my purple Nalgene water bottle. But even I, a water addict, have experienced severe dehydration. It’s not pleasant. It’s no fun.

In Ezekiel 37, we find an interesting story that probably scares a lot of us. In this story, there’s a valley—a valley of dry bones. Ezekiel finds himself surrounded by dry, dead bones. Have you ever felt like that? Like a dry bone? I have. You feel hopeless. You feel burned out. Tired. You feel like all your moisture has been sucked out of you. And all that’s left are your tired, dry and dead bones. All that life’s left you with are weak bones, with no muscles or skin to cover them. It hurts to breathe, to think, to laugh, to pray—it just hurts.

Hopeless, Tired and Burned Out

So, Ezekiel’s in this valley of dry bones that symbolically represents all of Israel. The bones represent how Israel is feeling at that very moment: hopeless, tired and burned out. Like they have nothing left. And God says to Ezekiel, “prophesy over these bones: Dry bones, listen to the message of God!” (Ezekiel 37:4). God covered them with muscles and skin. He breathed life into these dry bones. And the most amazing thing happens! These dry and dead bones start to move. They come together and form into an army. Their cries of hopelessness and despair were heard.

God’s love and compassion are a wonder to me. We’re such inconsistent creatures. One day we may give Him all of who we are. Other days we barely remember He exists. We lay our dry bones in our dark, cold, and dreary valleys. And He meets us there. He chooses to come to our dark, lowly valley from his home HIGH on the mountaintop and there, amidst our darkness, all our hopelessness, he restores us. US! He breathes life and light into our lives. Our dry, tired, barely breathing bones soak in His breathe of life. We start feeling alive again. We feel His hope. We feel His love. We just start feeling again—and it feels incredible. He covers our bones with strong muscles and His graceful skin. And once again our bones have moisture. Once again they have life. Once again they are restored to their original purpose. Once again their thirst is quenched.

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