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Let It Snow!
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"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isaiah 1:18).

Here in the Midwest, there is an abundance of snow, and with it, an abundance of people who don't like it. It's understandable. After all, snow is cold, snow is often accompanied by biting winds, and snow can even be hazardous. But try as I may, I just can't hate it.

Mark assured me 26 years ago when we got married and moved to Iowa, that I would learn to hate it. But when our little ones came along, I found myself scrunched right along with them on the sled, rolling giant snow balls for snow people, and snow painting with spray bottles of colored water! 

Mark and I even lived in Lincoln, Nebraska while going to college, but even that mercilessly bitter climate couldn't squelch my affection for those fat flakes of fluff.

I DO hate to be cold. Who doesn't? And I don't enjoy the winds and wetness that accompany snow. But snow itself, though cold by nature, brings a unique warmth by spirit. Do you notice that too? Maybe it's the coziness of getting warm again after being in the snow. Maybe it's the subconscious desire to want to be pure and clean and fresh and new. Maybe my brain is just frost-bitten! Whatever the reason, I can't help but notice that God seems to like snow too. Not just by the fact that He's the one who's sending it. But by His own Word.

Snow Compared to Cleansing

Isaiah 1:18 shows us snow being compared to cleansing. Now, we know that in our polluted world, snow is not actually "clean", but the imagery is there, nonetheless. Have you ever noticed that when it snows, everyone's yard looks equally as beautiful? Think about it. One home can have a neatly kept yard in the summer. You know the kind. Every blade of grass is exactly the same length, and the flowers and bushes look like the pictures in the seed catalogs. Then right next door is the yard that gets mowed twice during the summer, there are miscellaneous items strewn about the property, and even the dog house needs paint. But when it snows, that all changes! Both properties are covered with pure white snow. Both properties are clean. Both homes are equally beautiful.

That's what happens when the pure white saving grace of Jesus falls on us. No matter what we were like yesterday, on the day that Grace falls on us we are as pure as any saint before us or around us.  We are fresh and new and invigorated!

Now, doesn't that make you love snow? If it's snowing where you're at, try thinking about Isaiah 18:1. If it doesn't snow where you are, take an Internet tour of some snowy regions. Either way, try to think of snow as a reminder of the pure love of God and the miracle of Jesus turning scarlet to white in us! In fact, maybe that is the very reason for snow. If so, let it snow... let it snow...let it snow!

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