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Power Walking
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About three years ago I decided to begin a walking program. Just a couple of miles a day. My young-adult daughter had started walking and was putting me to shame, especially since she’d never been any to fitness-minded up to that point. I started seeing the benefits she was gaining and decided that if she could do it, I could too.

I've always been a person of prayer, but wanted to experience a deeper, more fervent communion with my heavenly Father. So I thought, why not combine prayer time with walking time? After all, God hasn't specified that prayer time must be on bended knee. That's how power walking was born.

Sunrise Rendezvous

My early-morning walks, highlighted by metallic orange sunrises, the scent of fresh-cut hay, and orchestrated by untitled wildlife symphonies, formed the perfect setting for meeting with God. When I could see, hear, smell, and touch Him through His creation, talking to Him came naturally. The more I talked, the faster I walked! Beginning prayer with praise proved easy when I was surrounded by the Creator’s handiwork. Praise flowed effortlessly into confiding in Him about my problems, needs and sins. After being cleansed daily by my forgiving Creator, I found myself pleading with Him on behalf of others. All the while, I was taking in the benefits of physical exercise and fresh air.

My walking program began with a resolution to firm up the jiggle zones of my body and gain aerobic benefits. Sure enough, my muscles started firming. I became less winded during physical challenges. My mind grew clearer. But those were only the side benefits of power walking. What really got me out of bed each morning was my appointment with God. When 6 a.m. arrived, I was there! My Creator and I had matters to discuss that just couldn’t wait!

New Paths to Follow

When the change of seasons plunged 6 a.m. into total darkness, I had to alter my venue just a bit. Instead of walking on the road, I began to transverse our own property. I simply selected a “power strip” of land and walked back and forth. This spot became just as meaningful as the long road I’d previously journeyed. It’s not the location, or the distance traveled, that matters most. It’s the company you keep that makes power walking rewarding.

So taken was I with my special exercise Partner, I started walking along my “power strip” at night. The stars shone beautifully, and the moon hung overhead. Someone I knew personally was keeping them all there.

I highly recommend combining walking with daily prayer to anyone who wants to enjoy physical and spiritual health. Martin Luther claimed to have spent one hour in prayer each day. If it was to be a busy day, he said he’d set aside two hours for prayer! Dwight Moody, the great evangelist, said that every successful revival can be traced back to one person on his or her knees. Do you know anyone in your life who needs your prayers for spiritual revival? Is that someone you? Perhaps it’s time for you to start your own power walking program.

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By Gwen Scott Simmons. Reprinted with permission from Vibrant Life, May/June 2006. Copyright © 2006 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines

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