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Soymilk Conversion
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I was raised in dairy country in Northern California. The Clover creamery was just two blocks from my house and I well remember the big stainless steel tanker trucks rolling through the neighborhood with their precious cargo of cold white milk. When I was really young, milk was delivered to our door in thick glass bottles. The demise of this personal service did not stop my mother from supplying her hungry brood with a continual supply of 100% Clover fresh milk.

In my teenage years I worked on dairy ranches hauling hay which fed the cows which made the milk which fed my addiction. I was proud to be a part of "Clover country." In fact a little too proud you might say. You see, I consumed so much milk in my younger days that I became a little butter-ball and my mom switched me to that non-fat blue watery stuff they try to pass off as milk to try to work off some of those calories.

Even though I have not lived in Clover country for many years now, I still like to drink milk. But last week I decided to move out of that country and into another land. The conversion was spontaneous, yet most profound. I was visiting some good friends in San Diego and they offered me some food for supper. They rattled off several beverages, so on a whim I decided to drink some of their soymilk.

The Decision Was Made

When I told them that this particular brand of soymilk tasted great they began to praise its virtues. I was particularly impressed with the husband's testimony for I knew that he had been a huge milk lover in the past. It was not uncommon to visit his home and see two or three gallons of milk in the refrigerator! Right then and there I was converted! I went out the next day and bought my first quart of soymilk and I am slowly acquiring a new taste and a new habit.

The obvious lesson from this little story is that you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. The term "disciple" means to be a "learner" and in order to change our habits we must be pliable enough to adapt to new and better ways. Isn't it encouraging to know that at the right time, under kindly influences, we can all head in fresh new directions?

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