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Everyday Fitness
Photo: Manny Protester
A recent study found that everyday chores could lower blood pressure as effectively as a formal program of cardiovascular exercise. Many actions you would not think of as exercise are considered moderate-level physical activities and can have an additive effect. Here are some ways to fit more physical activity into your day. The number of actual calories expended depends on your body weight.

  • Vacuuming and sweeping one room a day takes only a few minutes and uses arm and leg muscles. (Such activity burns 245-280 calories an hour.)

  • While shopping at the supermarket, take an extra walk around the entire store before you begin adding groceries to your cart. (Pleasure walking burns 245 calories an hour.)

  • Dig a little in your garden. This can help strengthen knees, arms, and hands. Outdoor maintenance such as mowing, raking, or pulling weeds exercises back, arm, and leg muscles. (These types of chores burn at least 300 calories an hour.)

  • Jog lightly in place during a TV commercial break. (Depending on how fast you move, “commercial jogging” can burn up to 560 calories an hour.)

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