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Enjoy Your Children
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Being a mom is by far the most rewarding part of my life. To watch a tiny little baby grow and develop into a beautiful, kind child is a blessing! I loved being pregnant and giving birth. I loved each and every moment after, holding my little newborn babies with their soft skin, sweet smell, and tiny cry.

As they have grown I have been faced with many challenges and many more blessings. My children never cease to amaze me as a mother. The worst part about being a mom is how fast babyhood passes into childhood which fast forwards into the teenage years and beyond. I wish I had more time to simply savor my children!

You have heard it said that no one on their death bed ever wished for more money, nicer cars, or fancy houses. In the end all that ever matters are those moments shared with your family. Sometimes new moms have no idea that the weeks and months will fly by and that the time lost can never be replaced.

When my son was born, I couldn't wait for each new phase.... rolling over, crawling, walking, etc. I waited anxiously and read all the parenting books so I knew what to expect in the weeks to come. I didn't realize until my second child was born how fast those few years had passed by. I was determined to truly hold onto each moment and enjoy her even more. I was not as anxious for her to begin crawling and walking and growing up.

Racing Towards the Finish Line

As each child came, I felt the pangs of motherhood, knowing that the years were passing far too quickly. My son is nearly 16 and I am constantly reminding myself I only have a short time to do all the things and teach all the things that are important to me. My daughters are racing toward the finish line as well and it scares me!

Every now and again I have to pause from my busy life and take a step back. How easy it is to get busy with the day to day activities that consume us and forget to savor the time we have right now. I want to encourage you to take that step back with me and ask yourself, "Am I enjoying my child?"

I am not just talking about laughing at the silly sayings or admiring the beautiful child. I am talking about truly enjoying your children. How often do you sit down and read aloud? How often do you call your children in the kitchen to help you prepare supper or bake a cake? How often to you climb up the slide with them and wind your way down? How often do you stop what you are doing and look in their eyes when they ask you a question or show you their latest discovery?

I confess, I am not always paying attention. Far too often I have caught myself hurrying through life because I have too much to do. In recent months I made a commitment to cut back and really enjoy my children while they are still children. Today, stop what you are doing. Hug your child. Look him in the eyes. Read to him. Laugh with him. Play with him. Ask God to help you make the most of the time you have. List at least five things that make each of your children special. Make a point today to compliment them on those qualities. Impart a blessing on them that will carry them through a lifetime.

"And he blessed them; he blessed each one according to his own blessing." Genesis 49:28

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