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God Answers Prayer
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"And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested" (1 Chronicles 4:10 ).

Have you ever felt that when you pray God does not hear you? If people understood how powerful prayer is, they would use it as a first defense instead of a last resort.

There is so much more to prayer than simply taking your pleas before God. Prayer not only offers us a chance to lift up our concerns, ours fears, and our requests to God; it offers us a chance to have a relationship with Him.

When we pray, we have the opportunity to hear God's voice more clearly in our hearts. God wants us to spend time with Him each day. When we pray our faith is strengthened, our attitudes are adjusted, and our prayers are laid before the Father. I love the acronym ACTS for praying:

Adoration. When we bow our heads, the first words we utter should praise His holy name. How mighty and glorious He is!

Confession. After our praise and adoration, we should be thinking about our own sins. How have we messed up this time? We need to repent and wipe the slate clean. We need to ask forgiveness on a daily basis. Ask for help each day so that you will be better prepared for the temptations coming your way.

Thanksgiving. You have been so blessed! Acknowledge the blessings God has bestowed upon you. Thank Him for the riches in your life.

Supplication. And finally we can lift up our petitions before God. Whether we are praying for a family member who is lost, praying for our own attitudes, praying for our children, asking God to help in daily matters and concerns - He wants us to bring our worries to Him.

This is where our Scripture Memory for today comes in. Reread the prayer of Jabez again. And think about it for a moment. Notice specifically the final part of the verse which says, "And God granted him that which he requested."
Jabez was in need of God's divine help.

God answered the prayer of Jabez and He wants to answer your prayers, too! God wants to bless your life. Prayer is so important. You need that time with God, alone and in the quiet.

His Word will also help us in our prayers. If we use Scripture promises in our prayer time, our prayers will be made that much stronger. Hide His Word in your heart. And trust that, like Jabez, your prayers will be heard and God will grant you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

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