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Mission Possible
Photo: Jacque Stengel
At the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England an exhibition is currently running that is titled Mission Impossible? The focus of the display is art restoration. Centerpiece of this exhibit is a Qing Dynasty vase that dates back to the late 17th or early 18th Century.

In January, a museum visitor, 42-year-old Nick Flynn, tripped over his shoelace, tumbled down a flight of stairs and smashed into a window sill beside the staircase. The Qing Dynasty vase and two similar artifacts which had stood proudly on the ledge for 40 years, came crashing to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces.

Putting the vases back together seemed like an impossible task to the horrified onlookers. But the museum reassembled the 113 pieces of the Qing Dynasty vase and hopes to do the same by Christmas for the other two ceramic pieces that were fragmented by the accident.

Mission Impossible? is a showcase at the museum that highlights valuable artifacts, once shattered and broken, but now restored to their original beauty.

God's Restoration Business

Like Fitzwilliam Museum, did you know God is in the restoration business? The Lord’s specialty is in fact, rebuilding the human race. The truth is we live on a fractured planet where we are all broken people. We are cracked and splintered by dysfunctional families, divorce, abuse, war, poverty, illness and death. But despite all that and so much more, God specializes in restoration. It is the Lord’s greatest joy to gather up the fragmented pieces of our lives and begin fitting them back together again until we are healthy, whole and beautiful.

Hard as we try to patch our lives back together on our own, we are never entirely successful. Only the Creator, the one who made us, can collect all the pieces and knows exactly where each one fits. As we bring the broken fragments of our lives and lay them at the feet of Jesus, the renovation begins. Our act of surrendering our lives to God sets in motion the new birth and a new life, here and for eternity.

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