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Tricks...No Treats!
Photo: Kees Huyser
Several Brooklyn, New York vehicle owners are hopping mad! They woke up to find that their vehicles had mysteriously disappeared! The streets where they normally parked their cars was empty, leaving them with no mode of transportation. It seems that someone put up a No Parking sign and police had the vehicles towed away. But here’s the incredible part; the Department of Transportation didn’t install the No Parking placards! This bogus caper was perpetrated by an unknown prankster, and now local residents want answers…and their money back. Many of them have had to pay stiff fines to retrieve their cars from the police impounding lot.1

Devil's Bag of Tricks

This story reminds me of how the evil one plays pranks on people, which causes them to think and feel in ways that are spiritually harmful. These antics have the potential of being eternally fatal if not dealt with quickly. Here’s a sample from the devil’s bag of tricks:

  • He tells you that you’re not really forgiven, and replays all the bad things you’ve ever done in an attempt to make you sorry…one more time. This illusion causes you to believe that when it comes to past sins it’s never really over, even though God said it was.
  • He allows you to meet up with someone who convincingly explains that there really is something you can do to earn your salvation. You are then tricked into a perpetual state of trying to save yourself by some “holy hoop-jumping” activity. It can drive you crazy!
  • He tempts you to sin, and then if you fall, he’s right there to remind you about how incredibly un-savable you really are. He’ll even use parts of scripture in an attempt to make you feel like you’re never going to change…no matter how hard you try. 
Have you ever been duped by any of the evil illusions just mentioned? God knows all about Satan and his rotten bag of tricks! That’s why the Bible was given to us. Within it’s pages are the antedote for these cruel put-ons, and that’s why the devil works so hard to stop us from reading it.

Want to beat the devil at his own game? Put your trust in the word of the Almighty One. Accept the promises that are written there and thank your Creator for them. Being duped doesn’t have to be an option if you keep your heart focused on the power of God to help you with anything…and everything.

"All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right" (2 Timothy 3:16).

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