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Let the Fire Fall
Photo: Lior Angel
Yosemite National Park is one of our earth's great treasures. Here in one place the eye can rest on many waterfalls, sheer granite cliffs and magnificent vistas. At every turn, there are fresh wonders to behold that the ice carved out of the solid rock so many millennia ago. The first time I went to Yosemite Valley was in high school in the mid-sixties. Our football coach had taken a group to the valley for a week in order to get us in condition by hiking the high Sierra trails.

At that time the valley was uncrowded and very different from the masses that visit the place today. Because of this increase of people in the valley over the years, the park service has had to initiate tight controls over the traffic and camping reservations. Even with these controls, the swirl of buses and people is almost endless and it is literally harder to find a parking spot in the valley than it is in Los Angeles.

Yosemite Fire Fall

One of the truly wonderful things they used to do in Yosemite every summer was to have the "fire fall" from Glacier Point which was nearly 4,000 feet from the valley floor. After a short nature program at Camp Curry near sunset, a person from the Camp would shout up the vertical granite wall: "Let the fire fall!" After a moment, there would be a response from the ranger high up at Glacier Point, "Let the fire fall!"

They would then begin pouring hot coals over the side of the mountain to form an awesome glowing waterfall which disappeared several thousand feet into the darkness. It was truly a spectacular sight, a bright ribbon of fire piercing the darkness with a quiet, living flame of light. Now days, because of the popularity of the valley, the fire no longer falls. Too many people and too little space. It is the end of an era.

It just makes me wonder if the press of city life has stopped the fire from falling into our personal lives? With the increasing press of people and a "to-do" list that seems to grow longer by the minute, the still small voice of the Spirit is often drowned out by the incessant roar of the cares of this world. Despite this inhospitable atmosphere to our spirituality, the Holy Spirit is always near, ready to thrill our hearts with his presence. Why not take some much deserved quiet time and call on Him today? Let the fire fall!

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