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“Lord, I cry out to You; make haste to me!  Give ear to my voice when I cry out to You” (Psalm 141:1). 

I wearily coaxed my  body out of bed with the promise of an action-filled day ahead. As a mother of three young children, my days started running into each other and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Somehow I managed through my morning of breakfast, diapers, schooling, and never-ending household tasks. Before I knew it, it was time to prepare lunch. My energy was all ready zapped but along came my adorable little boy looking up at me…he was hungry again. On automatic pilot, I started to prepare yet another meal for the day.

Our refrigerator stood to the left of the stove and when the door was opened, I could not see on the other side. As I stood at the stove attending to lunch, I noticed the refrigerator door was more than slightly ajar. I did not see anyone so I made my way to the other side and there he stood; all color drained from his face with wide frightened eyes staring back at me. My hungry little man had decided to take matters into his own hands.

I quickly surveyed the situation and noticed the box of prunes on the floor. Several were scattered near the box. I instinctively knew what had happened. I scooped my son up and tried my best to unload all the prunes from his chubby little cheeks only to realize that there were more of the sticky things lodged in his throat. His face was now taking on a strange blue-ish tinge and I began to feel desperate. The poor thing couldn’t even muster a cry.

“Oh God,” I cried, “save my son!” As my eight-year-old daughter called 911, I once again tried everything I knew to do. Suddenly I heard a muffled, throaty cry….not exactly the cry I expected but at least some air was now getting through.

The paramedics arrived sometime after and checked my son. The prunes had come loose and he sat quietly talking to the police in his toddler way about the ordeal. I praised God under my breath for saving my child. God had answered my desperate prayers.

As I was emotionally getting myself together, it occurred to me that what I had earlier viewed as the mundane tasks of being a mother were now my joy to carry out for my family.

Looking back, I thank my Creator for both saving my son, and for giving me a healthy perspective.

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